When creating the God Loves (Your State) design God directed us to let each state know that He loves them. He loves each state and everyone in them. His love is unfailing, unwavering, just as His love for this country.

The United States of America were founded on God’s love for His people to live in a free society that would allow them to worship the creator, to live in peace, and to be governed by the safety of the laws put in place to keep its citizens safe. To have His people live free from the oppression of the ungodly.

Laws have been put in place to keep people safe and our founding fathers created a covenant between the government and its people. If you look at the laws written, the constitution, and the bill of rights from our founding fathers, the laws reflect sound biblical principles. Over time people have taken these laws and broke them. Our government has taught its people how to break its own laws to fit their own agendas and the agendas of those handing out money to secure their own future. This has also trickled down into businesses, friendships, organizations, and churches. Now we have a generation that feels they are entitled to do whatever they please even if it will harm others. We have a generation that their way of life is based on feelings and not facts. (We’ll save this for another post)

When a man and a woman get married in the church they create a covenant, “till death do you part”. This covenant is the way God intended it to be. When you marry, you spend the rest of your life with the same person. There will be mountains and valleys, the good and the bad but you need to work through them. Divorce, or breaking the covenant bond seems to happen so easily any more. This whiny attitude of “I feel hurt” or “I deserve this” has caused this nation and the states in it to break the covenant with the creator breaking the laws that were put in place to protect a nation. These issues have put a nation into poverty, sickness, disease, and more. As a nation we cannot expect God to bless any state let alone the nation. Our lawmakers have ripped up the covenant with God and threw it away. They have asked God to remove himself and His hand of protection from our country and now we are seeing the effects of that. September 11, the Boston Marathon, The night club in Orlando, and just recently the bombs in New York and New Jersey.

God will not stop blessing His people but He will not bless a nation that doesn’t want Him involved. Christians, fellow believers, I urge you to let people know that God still loves them. He is always here watching and all we need to do is believe in the love that He gave us. If we can persuade people to find out who He really is I promise you He will bless this nation again. Start with your neighbors, your towns, and your states and this will move into the nation as it should have always been. He is just waiting for them to call on Him once again.

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