I have been praying how to tackle this subject with love and trying to find the root of the issue. Racism is a hard thing to tackle but after a lot of prayer I believe the root of the problem has been found. So many people suffer today from low self-esteem, always thinking someone is out to get them, or just don’t feel loved. Emotions are being worn on the sleeve and people fly off the handle when anyone tells them what they don’t want to hear.

Now with social media, music videos, the news programs, and the world of politics people are instilling fear like never before. How do you get someone to listen? You tell them that trouble is coming their way, what or who is to blame, and that you can fix it. The news media does this every day.Watch your local news for one day and see how many murders, traffic accidents,and other depressing news that you are shown. Occasionally you will get a story of something good that happens but regardless that will always revolve around something tragic taking place such as someone rescuing someone or doing something for someone that is sick.

Our world has been bent on violence. Watch movies,television, video games, or even playing with toys and you can see the sick and twisted way that people are entertained by violence, death, destruction, and corruption. Pick almost anything and you can see where the root of fear is embedded into our minds and after so long it is embedded into our hearts. Think about driving down the highway. Do you ever wonder if you will be in a car accident?Do you ever feel like life isn’t going the way you want to and you just can’t seem to get ahead? Do you ever feel sick and conclude that the worst will be the case? Have you created your own prejudice?

Fear, Fear, Fear, It is everywhere you look. The black race has been in fear since the beginning of the United States. Brought into slavery they were destined to not be any good at anything. In order to break free they had to fight to get out and usually ended up worse off. Slavery was abolished with President Lincoln, a white man. The problems should have ended then but there grew a racist mindset for both whites and blacks. Segregation ended in the 50’sand 60’s bringing us to today. For years, ever since segregation was in place whites mostly lived in white neighborhoods and blacks in black neighborhoods(other races the same). This hasn’t changed much to this day except now it is low income, middle income, and high income.

It seems that every generation has that high profile person that brings racism back just to keep the flame burning and then you get a president that blows on the coals to divide the people even more. In the 80’syou had artists like N.W.A., Public Enemy, Ice-T, and more that not only revolutionized the music industry but dominated it as well. They had a powerful message of racism and hate and they created the thug lifestyle we know today.With everyone clinging to their words and their attitudes people of different races became afraid, even those of the same race.

With the tragedy of Rodney King and even some of the more recent incidents violence has been fought with violence, blacks have looted and destroyed their own towns and have made the gap larger. Bad things happen to bad people and sometimes no matter what race you are bad things happen to good people. It is how you deal with those things that determines who you are and who you will become. Treat everyone with respect, don’t believe that someone is always out to get you because when you do, things start to happen that are never good. Being part of the solution is always better than being part of the problem.

Most people are not racists but I am sure there are still some out there. Why is this? Is it fear of being hurt, fear of being rejected?Hurt and rejection are a part of life and to put it bluntly most people don’t care if they ever see or talk to you again no matter what color or ethnicity you are. Everyone will face this at some point and some more than others. It is how you deal with the rejection and the hurt how you overcome this fear. If I fought with someone every time I was hurt or rejected I would have a prison sentence lasting several centuries.

There are three things that people need and want: to be treated with respect, love, and kindness. If everyone would do this there wouldn’t be any problems in the world, yes, we would achieve “World Peace”. The hardest part of this is that you have to start by treating yourself with respect, love, and kindness. No matter what life throws at you, chances are someone has had it worse. Remember this. Each one of you has been created uniquely in a way that no other has been created. It is not until we start living in envy and fear that our life becomes like everyone else. Think about it for a moment. Do you watch TV, movies, or videos and long to have the life that you are viewing? Do you dream of being someone you are not? A made up character that has the world and every instance of their life is perfect? If you can answer yes to this then you can find the root of your problem.Respecting yourself starts with accepting who it is you are and the dreams that you have. These dreams are not anyone else’s but yours. They are unique to you and you alone. Others may want to do the same thing but no one can do it and achieve it the way that you can. No matter who you are, you can be anything that your heart desires. It is only when you chase after someone else’s life that things begin to get crazy. Watching high profile musicians, movie stars,rappers, comedians, business men or women you get the feeling that they have the perfect life. When you really find out who they are you can see that most of us have a better life than they do, they just have more money.

These desires are placed in your heart before you were ever born. They were planted in you by the Creator and His desire is that you achieve yours.

There are only 2 people that know your heart’s desire, you(sometimes) and the Creator of the Universe. The one that created you and loved you since before your were in the womb. So easily life will distract you from chasing your dreams and lead you down a deep path of depression, hate, envy,and/or strife. When this happens you need to grab a hold of yourself and not allow those things to settle. The fear of not achieving your dream and living a“good” life will destroy it and you quickly, like a bad disease. Sometimes you need someone to lean on and help and sometimes it’s just you and God but regardless there is always someone there to help if you let them, IF YOU LET THEM!

Trying to get someone’s attention in this big world is tough these days with social media and other outlets that everyone believes that they are more important than others and that they deserve their 15 minutes of fame.The cold, hard truth be told, no one is any more important than any other and most people don’t care if they ever see you or talk to you. Whether you are an executive of a large corporation, the president of the United States, or a dishwasher at a small town restaurant everyone has the same importance in this life. No one person is better or above the rest. You can see this because in every class of people you see cancer destroying it. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is or how much money you have, the disease has taken lives just as the disease of hate and inferiority.

Racism, like those, is a bad disease. If you don’t treat it,it will infect your life. Racism is a lack of respect for both sides.Respect yourself, respect others, respect the law, respect this country and you will find that racism will be washed away. If you want to kill someone, kill them with kindness. If you hate someone, show them some love. If you want to steal, buy someone a gift.

If you feel you struggle with issues of insecurity of who you are please reference your bible and look at verses:

Psalm 139:14 “I will praise You,for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you;”

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