Shaking the Heavens: President Donald Trump (10/12/2017) Download the audio file of this post. Prayer for President Donald Trump (10/12/2017) Hi! Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens. We’re so glad you’re here again with us today building unity in the kingdom and just bringing God’s people together. It’s such a glorious thing for this earth, […]

With the most interesting election and 2 most diverse candidates in history, who should I vote for this election? As a Christian there is really no contest on the answer to this. Now I know the church isn’t allowed to voice their opinion because of the laws that have been put in place. What a […]

We get many questions regarding our support for Donald Trump and Mike Pence for our next President and VP. I have to be honest, Trump was not the first choice, or the 2nd, or the 3rd. It took a little bit to warm up after all of my choices removed themselves from the 2016 Presidential […]