Shaking the Heavens: Resurrection Day (04/01/2018)


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Prayer for Resurrection Day (04/01/2018)

Hi! Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens! Well Happy Resurrection Day or Happy Easter, which ever way you say it. This is a glorious day, a glorious day when our Lord raised himself up from the dead, that he conquered, conquered Hell and gave his life for our sins.

Let’s pray.


Lord, we thank you. We thank you that you, Lord, descended, that you took on all of our sins so that we could live with you forever. Lord, we thank you that you went down to hell and you took our pain. You took our suffering. You took our sin and you left it there and Lord, as you came back up, as you ascended to your throne, Lord, in Heaven. Lord, we praise you. We honor you. We bow at you, Lord. We bow at your feet and we say Lord, you are king of our life. You are our Lord. You are our Savior and we give our lives to you. We submit to you. We submit to your Spirit. We submit to your love. Help us to be more like you, Lord. Help us to be more like you. Amen.


Well, thank you for Shaking the Heavens with us again today. Share this with everyone you know and remember each and every day you pray with us you’re bringing the kingdom of Heaven here on earth. In each and everyday you pray, you’re bringing unity to the kingdom. Join us again tomorrow.

God bless.

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  • Intro Music: The Afters | Light up the sky | Light up the Sky
  • Special Appearance By: Matt Lester | 91 Clothing
  • Video Production: Machuzle Design Group and 91 Clothing
  • End Music: Least of These | Oh God | More Than Conquerers

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