Shaking the Heavens: Ministries (03/27/2018)


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Prayer for Ministries (03/27/2018)

Hi! Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens! We’re so glad you’re here with us again today.

Let’s pray.


Father, we just come before you, Lord, and we lift up all of those with ministries outside of the church, outside of the walls. Lord, that are out there, that are doing what you’ve called us to do to go forth into the land, to spread the news, to spread the good news, and the joy and the hope of Jesus Christ. Lord, we just ask that you shower, shower down your blessings on all those ministries, Lord. Lord, that you will just bring people together. Lord, bring a unity of your people, of these ministries together, Lord. And Lord, bring funding for them to keep going. Lord, and just let them know that you’re there with them, that you’re guiding their every step, that you’re opening doors to bigger and better things because they are obedient to do what you’ve called them to do. Lord, we thank you for those ministries. We thank you for those people that have stepped out in faith, that have heard your voice and are doing what you’ve told them to do. That even though they feel like there might be backlash, or they’re not seeing fruit right now, Lord. Lord, show them the fruit. Show them that what they’re doing is for a reason. We thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Well, thank you for Shaking the Heavens with us again today. We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow and remember to share with everyone you know. Make the prayers of God’s people go viral and bring unity to the Kingdom.

God bless.

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