Shaking the Heavens: Your Word (03/13/2018)


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Prayer for Your Word (03/13/2018)

Hi! Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens! We’re so glad you’re here with us again today.

Let’s pray.


Father, your word, is your word. It is truth, complete and total truth and we trust in that. Lord, we just ask that your word comes alive in your people, that they can just live the life that you desire. Lord, that the power of your spirit is released into this land, into this world. Lord, that everybody will take it with them to school, to work, to church, whereever they may be, even the grocery store. Lord, we just ask for more of you in this place we just submit to your spirit. We submit to you, Lord. We submit to you, Father God. Have your way in this place. Have your way in this land. Bring Heaven to earth just as you desire it to be and help each one of us live that life you desire. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Well, thank you for Shaking the Heavens with us again today. We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.

God bless.

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  • Intro Music: The Afters | Light up the sky | Light up the Sky
  • Special Appearance By: Matt Lester | 91 Clothing
  • Video Production: Machuzle Design Group and 91 Clothing
  • End Music: Silage | Jesus is My Best Friend | Watusi

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