Shaking the Heavens: Teeth (12/07/2017)


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Prayer for Teeth (12/07/2017)

Hi! Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens!

Let’s pray.


Father God, we lift up teeth to you today. Lord, you have created our bodies in perfection, in your image, each and every one of us, Lord, You have created in your image and Father, anybody struggling or in pain, suffering, or even missing teeth, Lord, we ask that you restore. That you restore the whiteness to the teeth. That all of the enamel be strengthened in the teeth. Cavities, we ask Lord, that you plug them right now, that you smooth them over. That you fill them as they were originally meant to be. Lord, just as you take away, you give, and we praise you and bless your name for everything that you do, for all that you are. Lord, that’s why we stand here in unity today, praying, asking for your kingdom and your will on this earth and Lord, right now we ask for you just to restore the mouths of all your people, the teeth to all of their original forms. Father, replace the broken teeth. Replace the missing teeth. Heal any cuts, any broken pieces, any cavities. We receive your healing, Lord. We receive your restoration. We receive your perfection in our bodies and in this earth. In Jesus’ mighty name, we ask, we receive and we thank you, Father. Amen.


Well thank you for Shaking the Heavens with us again today. Remember to share this with everybody and get everybody on board because we want to give Jesus His greatest desire. A birthday present He’ll never forget. Complete unity in the Kingdom of God all around the world, everybody coming together as one and it can’t be done without you. So pitch in everyday. Add your faith to our faith and watch and see and experience the Lord move in this earth, the way he wants to, in a way, I know I want Him to. We’ll see you tomorrow.

God bless.

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