Shaking the Heavens: Thanksgiving (11/22/2017)


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Prayer for Thanksgiving (11/22/2017)

Hi! Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens! We’re glad you’re here again with us today.

Let’s just get right in and pray.


Father God, as we get closer to Thanksgiving weekend, Lord, as people are out on the streets and traveling and shopping, Lord, we just ask that you put your angels around them, a protection around them, around their vehicles, around their bodies. Lord, that you keep them safe as they travel to and from, as they walk the streets and stores and Lord, just continually put on people’s hearts, put on people’s minds why this holiday season is the kickoff to the most important gift you have ever given us, the birth of your son, Jesus Christ. Father, as people are out and about, hearing the Christmas tunes and spending their money, buying for other people, Father, we just ask that you put on the hearts of your people, the gifts that they’re to buy, ones that come from the heart, not just to buy something. Lord, we thank you for keeping us safe. We thank you for your protection. We thank you for all that you are and the love that you have for us. Father, show us how to repay, how to give you the love that you deserve, that you desire. Father, we come before you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


Well, thank you for Shaking the Heavens with us again today. We’re so glad you’re here again with us. Remember to share with everybody you know and unite the body as one through prayer. We’ll see you tomorrow.

God bless.

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