Shaking the Heavens: Cancer (10/07/2017)


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Prayer for The Healing of Cancer (10/07/2017)

Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens. We’re so glad you’re here again with us today. If you know anybody that has cancer, I want you to stretch your hands out towards them. If you’re with them, lay your hands on them. If you have cancer, I want you to lift your hands up high and just receive what the Lord is about to do today.


Let’s pray. Lord, your word says that no evil shall befall us, nor shall any plague come near our dwelling. I believe cancer to be a plague. It’s not from you, no sickness, no disease is from you, Lord. Jesus, as you walked this Earth, all the sickness and disease that was healed, was done for your glory and Lord we just ask that you put your hand through our hands for your glory. Your Word says that we are healed by your stripes and Lord we just stand on every word of healing right now and we proclaim cancer be bound up and purged from the people carrying it in their bodies right now. Lord we know that faith can do anything, that our faith in you will bring healing to those around us. Lord, we are here for you to carry out your will and your way on this earth. Lord, just take that cancer and crush it, and purge it from their bodies right now. We thank you for the good report. We thank you for your healing. We receive your healing in their bodies, in our bodies right now. In the name of Jesus, we thank you Lord, Amen.


Well thank you for Shaking the Heavens with us again today. Remember to share it with everybody you can. Remember to lay hands on and pray over anybody that has cancer. We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow.

God bless.

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