Shaking the Heavens: World Leaders (10/05/2017)


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Prayer for World Leaders (10/05/2017)

Welcome back! Thank you for Shaking the Heavens again with us today.


Let’s pray. Lord we come before you, as one, a unified body, a unified church. Lord, we just lift up all of the world leaders, all across the world, in every country, every city. We lift up those leaders to you, Lord. Lord, we ask that you guide their hearts to do what is right for your kingdom and for your people and for the people that they govern. Lord, we ask that you bless their life, abundantly, and give them conviction, Lord, when they do something that is not yours, that is not of your will or your way. Lord, reshape each and every country, each and every state, each and every town, to take the shape of you and your kingdom. Lord we ask that you just watch over them, that you protect them, and that you keep them in you. Lord, that they would come to you, that they would look to you, for every decision made, for every thought. Let their thoughts be your thoughts. Let their ways be your ways and those that don’t know you, Lord, let them know you and let them see you. We thank you for every leader that’s in their place right now and we thank you that your will is gonna be done with each and every one of them, Lord. We thank you that your ways are gonna be pressed into them and if they are disobedient to you, that you will remove them and bring somebody into that position that looks to you and only you. We thank you Lord for where we live and the leaders that are above us right now and we thank you for putting leaders in place that are for you. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


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We look forward to praying with you again tomorrow. God Bless.

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