Shaking the Heavens: Hurricane Victims (10/03/2017)


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Hurricane Victims (10/03/2017)

Hi Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens! We’re so glad you’re here with us today and bringing unity in the body of Christ and bringing the will and kingdom of God into the earth.


Pray with me.

Lord, we just thank you, we thank you for life, and we thank you for your hand in everything. We know that all things work together for your good, and Lord we just want to lift up the victims of the hurricanes and the destruction that has hit over the past month, Lord, in Houston and all of Texas and Florida, The Keys, and all the islands.

Lord we just ask for restoration, restoration for each one of them. Lord let them know that you are there with them, that although they feel like they’ve lost, that when they look upon you they have truly found what they need. Lord we ask that everything lost, that they need, that you desire, be restored to them tenfold. We ask that you comfort them. Give them peace. Give them joy and Lord just bring people around them to love them, to hug them, to build them up, as they rebuild their lives, as their lives are restored to bigger and better things.

Lord, we put our trust in you. We know that you do not desire death and destruction. We know that you don’t desire us to live in poverty, and without, and Lord when we put your kingdom first, when we put you first, all those things will be given to us. Lord we just ask for their hearts to be with you and for those who don’t know you, Lord, that people will come around them and show them who you are. We thank you Jesus for restoration, for all the places hit by the hurricanes. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Well thank you for praying with us again today and Shaking the Heavens and now again its time to do your part. If you know somebody that’s affected by the hurricane, please lay your hands on them and pray this prayer with them. If you know of anybody else that needs help, some comfort, more Jesus, tell them about this. Tell them about Shaking the Heavens and pray with them.

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter, Youtube, all social media, emails, work, school, anywhere you’re at in the streets. Pick a random person and pray it with them and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

God bless.

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