Shaking the Heavens: How It Works

What is Shaking the Heavens

Welcome back to Shaking the Heavens! We’re so glad that you’re with us again! You’re all so important to us, the world, and Our Creator!

In the last video, we introduced Shaking the Heavens. In this video, we will get a little more in depth on how it works and what your role is.

Imagine with me, an orchard of fruit trees. Each tree is filled with a different fruit that your body needs and craves. You want a piece of fruit, but they are too high to reach. You really need this fruit so you try several ways to get it down. You try to shake the tree, you throw things at the branch. But nothing works. So then you get a friend to help you. Because you have more strength between you, you’re able to shake it enough to knock down some fruit. Imagine if you had several people to help you! Everyone would have plenty of fruit to eat! The more people you have coming together, the more fruit each of you can have.

Of course, the fruit is symbolic. Each piece of fruit represents a blessing from heaven. It could be a healing, deliverance, freedom, prosperity. We were never meant to face these challenges alone. Paul wrote many letters in the New Testament encouraging believers to unite and pray for one another.

What does that mean for us and what does it have to do with Shaking the Heavens? How do we do our part? We live in a great time of technology. We can be connected to anyone in the world with just a touch of a button. Each day, we hear about a funny animal video going viral. Sometimes it’s even covered on a local news channel. What if we could make God’s Word, His goodness, and our prayers go viral?

Studies show that 31% of the world’s population are Christians. That’s over 2 billion people that believe Jesus is their Lord and Savior!

Can you imagine if 2 billion people prayed for the same thing on the same day, every day? Imagine the miracles that could happen, the lives that would be changed, and the faith that would be built. We know that God hears our voice, What if it was 2 billion times louder!

Let’s talk about how this works. Every day between 12am and 11:59pm eastern time, a prayer will be posted for one specific challenge. Each prayer will have video, audio, and text to watch or download so you can pray with whatever method you are comfortable with or have access to at the time. Now I know that you don’t want to see my face every day, so we will be adding guest appearances from people all around. At the end of each video will be a clip of a song that gives praise and glory to Jesus and will help inspire your spirit and soul.

Each day the video will be posted on facebook, twitter, and youtube, as well as our websites or We encourage everyone to share the videos as much as possible and share your testimonies with the world!

Your role in the Revivolution™ is to take less than 5 minutes out of your day and commit to pray with believers around the world.

— Pray out loud, speaking out to the principalities and powers with faith and authority.

— If you can, pray with family, friends, or a group, there is certainly a power in that unity.

— If someone you know or are with is dealing with that day’s particular challenge, lay your hands on them while you pray.

— Be sensitive to the spirit and continue praying anything that God puts on your heart.

After your finish praying, share the video on every social media outlet that you can, so others have the same opportunity.

Join the Revivolution and help us bring back the Word and power of God into the Earth.

We have 1 more video for you to watch before you start Shaking the Heavens. Watch the next video and get ready for the Revivolution!

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