September 27, 2016

A Word from the Lord to Matt at 91 Clothing

It is time we stop living in fear, this nation is in shambles, It is time that we stand up and stand together and show our nation,show the people of it, that we love it. God gave us this great nation and we stripped away God from it. It’s time to take a stand. Black, white, Hispanic, whoever, it’s time we take that stand. Stand together, no matter what race.

Ladies and Gentleman of the Kingdom, Children of God, I am calling you out today, calling you out for this great nation to be restored, to be restored as one nation under God, Indivisible.

My justice will prevail, My justice will prevail and you will see it with your eyes. You will see it in front of you. You will witness it, do not be afraid of who I am. I am your Father God and I desire for you to come to me. I desire for your love. I am a jealous God and I do not like that you are worshiping Gods other than me. I do not like that you have let this nation become what it has become. Be a witness of who I am. Everyone, everyday, every way, seek me first the kingdom is yours. Ask for my kingdom come ask for my will to be done. Ask for it to be done on Earth just as it is here in Heaven. And you will see change. The nation is now in your hands, I am giving it to you, my people, and the outcome depends on you. I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. This nation, this nation has rejected me, the states have rejected me, I will not remove my hand fully, because I trust in you my people, Now trust in Me. Do what I have told you to do, Be who I have called you to be. Walk in the ways that I desire you to. Take heed to my word, live it and love it, that is the only way to restore this nation. It’s the only way for this nation to be blessed once again. Stand with each other, Stand together,fight! Fight in the spirit, call on me, and I will guide your ways. You are all patriots, those who follow me, I have called you to be patriots for me, for your country. Look at how I started your nation, look to your forefathers, your founders and the sacrifice the they went through. They believed in me and I made this country great. They removed me and look what it has become. My children stand, stand with me, stand for me do not let it get away. My word is my instruction. My commandments are written. Seek me and you will find me. Ask as one and it shall be done. I will stand with you deliver you and honor you and with long life I will show you my salvation.

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