We get many questions regarding our support for Donald Trump and Mike Pence for our next President and VP. I have to be honest, Trump was not the first choice, or the 2nd, or the 3rd. It took a little bit to warm up after all of my choices removed themselves from the 2016 Presidential Race.

Our intentions when we vote are not typically the same as the majority of the United States. Honestly I would bet there are only those of a small percentage that look through the eyes of the candidate and search deep into their soul to find what they are really about. Our vote is based on prayer and the views of God. This nation was once built on a firm foundation of God and liberals have fought to rid us of these core principles that every man and every family should stand on.

When we look at the issues, we look at where a candidate stands on the issues that matter most to God.

Abortion, same sex marriage, laws, prayer, etc… are some of the things we look at. This nation became such a great nation because God blessed it and its people for putting Him first. In God We Trust, not just a motto, a belief that anyone who trusts in will be blessed and kept safe. We have watched this country fall to the politically correct, to war, and to the civil war that has divided this country. I remember watching President Obama in His campaigns always making statements about “my party” and “the democratic party”. He rarely, if ever, mentioned anything about the people or the United States. It seemed his goal was to divide the country and it did. We watched 8 years of his presidency tear this nation apart, separate its people, and take it further away from God.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, our choices for the next president of The United States of America.

Hilary Clinton has already proven herself a politician, one that represents the basis of all negativity of the political arena. She clearly does not care for this nation or the people in it, only the agendas that have made her rich. When you watch her speeches you can see her expressions and even hear it in her voice that she could care less about the people.

Donald Trump on the other hand, although he can be a little bit of a live wire, you can see passion in expressions and hear it in his voice. Here is a man that has offended many, says what is on his mind, and feels the way most Americans do and isn’t afraid to say it.

I urge everyone when you go to vote to do so prayerfully, if you haven’t already. Do not vote for someone because of the way you feel but seek the wisdom of who will lead this country into becoming THE UNITED STATES again. Seek wisdom into who will uphold the rights of the people in high regard and will allow this nation to be blessed by God again. Look at the issues of God’s heart and vote on who will seek to uphold these issues.

The issue of abortion, aka the murder of a young helpless child, is just one of the things we look at. Although it is a huge blessing for them that their soul gets to go right back with our Creator. Unfortunately for us we have missed out on an abundance of brilliant, beautiful, life-changing people. We need a candidate that will stop this nonsense. Black lives matter, white lives matter, blue lives matter, it makes sense that a baby’s life matters too. ALL LIVES MATTER!

Economy. The economy truly depends on the people and the ones that strive to make themselves better. We do need someone that will help keep jobs in America and help out the small business as well as the large business. We need someone that will take into account both the business owner and the employee. Someone that will find the middle ground to help both grow and achieve success. We would trust our economy to someone that has built his own business empire over one that has created a political empire that only has one person in mind, herself.

The Borders. Oh, the infamous WALL! We love everyone and believe that anyone who wants to come to this country to better themselves and their situation should have that chance. Immigration laws and procedures were put in place to allow that to happen. If you want to come to this country, come on over. We just ask that for the safety of its citizens you go through the proper channels and we welcome you. If you enter the United States illegally then you are breaking our laws and therefore do not respect our nation or its laws and you are not welcome here. Follow the process and come in legally.

Terrorism. Should this really be an issue? Keep our country safe, keep the world safe, and do not allow these people this hatred to succeed.

Energy. Coal, oil, solar power, wind power, water, etc… These are all great resources to power our country. Look at it this way God gave us water, fruits and vegetables, meats and poultry, and fish. We partake of these things to survive, to live, and stay healthy. Let’s use them all, it will benefit the country and its people.

Playing the political game is an evil thing. Many politicians allow themselves to be bought for the votes of certain people or races. They are careful what they say not offend anyone. Love is a beautiful thing and people need to spread love to all. Love is not giving something to someone because they want it. Love is not allowing one to do whatever they want when they want to. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NKJV) states “Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” True love is to care for someone, to tell them the truth whether it hurts them or not. If we live in love, truth will spread, and Truth shall set you free.

Vote Smart!

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